Cure альбом pornography

Две песни из него — мрачная «One Hundred Years» и «The Hanging Garden», изданы на синглах. The Cure. One Hundred Years; A Short Term Effect; The Hanging Garden; Siamese Twins; The Figurehead; A Strange Day; Cold; Pornography. Pornography — The Cure. Открывайте новую музыку каждый день.

The Cure - Pornography (Private Remaster) - 02 A Short Term Effect The Cure - Pornography (Private Remaster) - 03 The Hanging Garden. Pornography is the fourth studio album by British alternative rock band the Cure, released on 4 Fiction owner Chris Parry found "The Hanging Garden" to be the album's only keyboards ("One Hundred Years", "The Hanging Garden", "Cold", "Pornography"), cello ("Cold") "Siamese Twins - The Cure and the Banshees".

Четвертый альбом The Cure, начинающийся со строчки It doesnt matter if we all die, (Не так уж и важно, что мы все умираем – прим. пер.). 1. One Hundred Years. 2. A Short Term Effect. 3. The Hanging Garden. 4. Siamese Twins. 5. The Figurehead. 6. A Strange Day. 7. Cold. 8.